Ankur Nandansons President: Ways to Foster Teamwork in the Workplace

Ankur Gupta, President of Nandansons International, knows the value a strong team can have in terms of building and maintaining a successful organization. As leader of a top fragrance distribution firm, Ankur Nandansons has enjoyed the opportunity to work with and manage a skilled and determined team of professionals for years, witnessing firsthand just how invaluable the right group of individuals is when it comes to growing an industry-leading company.

Assembling the right team, as Ankur Gupta of Nandansons knows, isn’t always easy, as it often takes the right combination of luck and skill to make a truly cohesive team possible. Once the right individuals are in place, however, the onus then falls on management to continually cultivate team cohesion; to create and foster a workplace environment that encourages and inspires teamwork both in the short- and the long-term.

Ways to nurture a team-friendly environment include:

• Positioning team members in the right place. Each professional is unique, and its ultimately up to management to determine who is best suited to perform certain responsibilities, who should lead, and where each person’s skills and strengths can best be used to accomplish objectives.

• Promoting open communication and sharing. Cohesive teams are given the latitude needed to share ideas, offer critiques and openly communicate with one another when needed. Such an open atmosphere is key to collaboration.

Establish rules and shared objectives. Ensuring each team member knows the rules for working on a given project, as well as the common objectives they all share, is crucial to cooperation and effectiveness.

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About ankurnandansons

Ankur Gupta served as the President of Nandansons International, Inc. and is involved with the Nandansons Charitable Foundation.
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