Ankur Gupta, Nandansons President: Why Ethics Are Integral in Business

Ankur Gupta, the President of Nandansons International, works to provide apt, adept leadership to his company; to help not only point his team in the right direction, but to equip his colleagues and employees with the professional, moral and ethical guidance it needs to stay on track and focused on its goals. A longtime member of the family-owned, worldwide fragrance distribution leader, Ankur Nandansons Gupta strives to lay the foundation upon which his business can grow and be successful years down the road.

For Ankur Gupta of Nandansons, ethical principles are central to this foundation; principles that are absolutely integral to the Ankur Nandansons business model, and which begin at the top of the organization. As Gupta knows, a strong system of ethical beliefs and principles help to provide the organization not only the boundaries within which it can and should operate, but provide the starting point from which all present and future decisions can and should be made.

Leadership Members of management help to set the tone for how the organization operates each and every day. When leaders adhere to ethical principles, they demonstrate company ethics to be far more than just words.

Employees With management behaving ethically, employees are far more likely to do so as well, leading to better decision-making, higher productivity and stronger overall morale.

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About ankurnandansons

Ankur Gupta served as the President of Nandansons International, Inc. and is involved with the Nandansons Charitable Foundation.
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