Ankur Gupta, Nandansons President: The Importance of Values

Ankur Gupta is President of Nandansons International, a domestic and world leader in fragrance distribution for nearly 40 years. With clients across the globe, Ankur  Nandansons has set the standard when it comes to fragrance distribution, support and solutions for retailers, wholesalers and department stores from coast to coast, and in more than 60 countries.

A longtime leader within the family owned and operated firm, Ankur Gupta of Nandansons takes pride in honoring the company’s long-held commitment to excellence; something that continues to serve as the cornerstone of everything Nandansons is and does. As a leader within a value-oriented firm, Gupta understands just how important it is not only to build a company around a core set of values, but to work everyday toward the maintenance of those principles while stressing and instilling their importance throughout the workplace.

So, why are values so important to the long-term success and value of your firm?

• They determine how and who you hire. With core values driving your firm, you understand the qualities job candidates need to possess in order to be a good fit on your team.

• They provide a basis for changing and correcting behavior. Core company values help employers, managers and staff remove the personal feelings from decision-making with an important point of reference.

• They lie at the heart and soul of your culture. Company values provide the firm the framework it needs to shape and define its culture, as well as to maintain it well into the future.

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About ankurnandansons

Ankur Gupta served as the President of Nandansons International, Inc. and is involved with the Nandansons Charitable Foundation.
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