Ankur Nandansons President: A Partner to Clients Worldwide

Ankur Nandansons and the team at Nandansons International, Inc. are proud to be a trusted leader in the distribution and wholesale drop shipping of brand-name, prestige fragrances. Since Nandansons foundation in 1979, it has grown to become the premier name in fragrance distribution, as well as a trusted partner to brand-name fragrance retailers and vendors throughout the world.

Ankur Gupta

Nandansons International provides clients across the globe the value of legacy, including considerable experience, expertise and longstanding relationships in prestige fragrance retail, wholesale and trading. Now offering over 8000 SKUs across more than 200 brand names, Nandansons has achieved worldwide reach and visibility, and is undeniably the preferred partner for countless retail, department store and wholesale operations in the U.S. and across the globe.

Ankur Nandansons

Ankur Nandansons and Nandansons International work one-on-one with each client to develop customized solutions that support each facet of the supply chain. Nandansons is dedicated to providing each client the best in efficiency, service and support, something that has continually set them apart from the competition.

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About ankurnandansons

Ankur Gupta served as the President of Nandansons International, Inc. and is involved with the Nandansons Charitable Foundation.
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